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Where Do I Start? 5 Steps to a Successful Home Remodel

Do not call a contractor yet!

So you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your home. Maybe you can’t take it anymore, it is time for new energy, or you have saved up to splurge for your dream bathroom or kitchen! Yay!

Then, (thunder music) you enter the world of renovations and realize you have champagne taste with a beer budget OR you have the funds for the reno but didn’t realize that the cost of labor was just as expensive, if not more than the material itself!

You start to feel your dreams are quickly coming to an end...

But you know what? You’re not going to give up! You’re not a quitter! You are up for the challenge! Who cares about the money...ok wait, I care about the money!

Remember, the first step in a successful renovation is your attitude! There will be days where you wish you had never started or are feeling overwhelmed, but no journey comes without lessons and that’s what home renovation is all about...Just Kidding!

Let’s simplify this a bit shall we:

Reno Rule #1 Attitude matters.

If you get scared before it has even started then it's time to take a few deep breaths and shift that attitude to an “ I can do it” attitude.

Plus, you got me so what do you even have to worry about! It is key for you to believe in yourself. You’re AMAZING so stop 2nd guessing.

Reno Rule #2 Get Organized The Tools I use

OK so before you start randomly buying things or bring out the demo team get yourself up and running with Google Apps. What does Google have to do with this?

I say everything!

Get organized, create folders and Gsheets so you can keep track of all the things you need and budget for the obvious & surprise expenses.

Before I start any project I always project what the cost and materials would be so I have a good idea on what I can expect to spend. This is useful for maintaining and sticking to a budget. As you start making your list of wants you can see clearly how to move that budget around.

Whenever I remodel, the program manager in me comes out and I have to get it all planned out. I’m such a spur of the moment shopper so this actually helps me out quite a bit because when you have a kid in a candy shop you quickly forget that you came in to buy a gift card for your friend and walk out with 32lbs of candy for yourself! So having a plan will help you out. Especially if you have multiple rooms being remodeled at the same time.

Create a Folder for your project, divide rooms into sub-folders as needed

  1. HOME REMODEL (would be your main folder)

    1. Bath (sub-folder)

    2. Kitchen (sub-folder)

    3. Garage (sub-folder)

If you are new to Google sheets there are lots of videos available on YouTube.

Here are a few that you may find useful:

Reno Rule #3 Inspiration

You need an inspiration board! Get a Pinterest account. Follow my Pinterest to pin away to your folder to get started. I have a variety of decor images I think you’ll love from all over the world!

  • If you feel stuck!!! Creating an inspiration board will help you SO much! You are visually drawn to certain things and as you pin away you will start to find your style. I hear this from SO many people.” I have no idea what I like” or “ I only like modern stuff” but as you pin, you will start to see your style and what catches your eye!

  • It is also important to ask yourself “How do I want to feel when I’m in my “space?” (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc.) When you ask yourself this, the answer will come. For example: Maybe you want a theme or maybe you want to feel like you are in an old countryside kitchen, maybe perhaps something with an eclectic feel, but still really organized .. see talking to yourself is a good thing!

Reno Rule #4 Narrow it Down

Start narrowing it down. Use the process of elimination.

Remember that Pinterest board you created, it's time to trim it down.

Make a sub folder and only add the images that you love the most!

The design phase takes time!

Make sure to check out my blog on How to visualize your remodel

Reno Rule #5 Lock it in

This is when things get real! What do I mean by locking it in...It means freeze your design! Start finalizing your decision on all the BIG details. If you have this in order when you call for a quote your numbers will be accurate and vendors & contractors will appreciate it. Every time you change your design during the process the price goes up! So lock it in before you make that call.

Repeat after me:

The universe rewards decisions

The universe rewards decisions

The universe rewards decisions

It is critical for you to be very clear on what you want prior to starting the project. This is the #1 mistake people make and they end up discouraged, confused & over budget way too soon.

So my advice to you is that although you can tweak things as you go, you should have a very good understanding of what you want the space to look and feel like. You can easily avoid situations like this if you are clear on your design and the ONLY way you are going to achieve this without stressing yourself out is to allow time in your schedule to lock in these details!

Delight in the Details


-Mano AThe Beach


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