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Top Tips: English style Kitchen

To help you achieve this look I’m giving you my top 21

  1. Mix Cabinet Door Style & Hardware but keep it simple

  2. Cabinets are more like furniture with different depth , height & stand alone pieces

  3. Install open shelving to display kitchen items

  4. Wholesome tableware, linen towels, wooden boards, copper pots & pans, fruit in bowls

  5. Use deep colorful art to pull in that mysterious warmth. Fruit & Portraits look great!

  6. Aged or unlacquered Brass tap & sprayer is a must!

  7. Fresh greens or flowers , a green plant. It can be small or herbs

  8. Pleated shade hanging pendants or a goose neck wall light

  9. Unlacquered Brass or oxidized bronze/iron Pot Rails & switch plates

  10. Antique rug or runner

  11. Kitchen Island if you have the space for it

  12. Wood stool or two!

  13. Keep appliances inside cabinets

  14. Incorporate old with new. Take a trip to your nearest antique shop or check these out

  15. Honed countertop, keep that sheen out ! Use marble, stone & wood

  16. Tapered Candles! These are my absolute favorite tapered candles

  17. Use tin cans. You will see them everywhere in England. Display at least one or use an empty one to store tea!

  18. Embrace Patina

  19. Restoration glass which will be wavy antique glass often has bubbles and slightly wobbly

  20. Invest in a stylish stove..such as this red one or this classic stainless steel

  21. Matte Paint finish. Lustre is a no no! BTW this is MY favorite WHITE PAINT!

Delight in the Details


-Mano at the Beach


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