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High-End Bathroom Without a High-End Cost!

When I fall in love with a certain look and discover that achieving this appeal is not within my set budget, I rarely walk away. Instead, I find a way to get what I love, renovating my space to exactly what I love and want to see! The first step to any successful interior design is to distinctly identify what you want your space to look and feel like. This step is incredibly crucial and cannot be skipped, as it prepares you for the appeal that you will try to accomplish through your renovation project. Most of us don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to our home transformation projects and identifying your renovation “must-haves'' will allow you to accurately allocate your funds accordingly, permitting you to achieve the look that you have been yearning for.

Here are some of my top tips to assist you in acquiring the bathroom of your dreams while on a tight budget!

In order to design a particular space, for example, a bathroom, you must select the vanity style, faucets, countertop, mirror, toilet, shower, medicine cabinet, hardware tiles, paint, and everything else that needs to go into creating a unified bathroom. To get a rough idea of what you want to include within your new area, begin searching online for items and designs that you would like to incorporate within the area. Writing down the items that you like or even creating a vision board, will help you to visualize the items in your space.

For this particular bathroom, a statement countertop and console vanity were must-haves for me. I knew that if I incorporated these two elements within the bathroom, then other essentials within the area would begin to follow suit. I quickly realized that the vanity I adored was way out of my budget and because I absolutely loved the appeal that it would add to the bathroom, I knew that I needed to find a source that would be able to provide me with the materials that I wanted in creating a statement countertop without going over budget.

  • Tip #1: The first, and probably the best, tip that I can give you is to get online and look up Marble Fabricators in your area (Yelp is always a great place for this!). Fabricators often have remnant pieces of marble just sitting around in their warehouses that are left over from other home renovations. For small projects, such as a single bathroom vanity, this is the best way to score an amazing deal on a material that is, typically, very expensive. I have done this several times before when doing small renovation projects and it is very cost-effective! Fabricators are also incredibly helpful individuals as they have the means to cut and install the material itself, making it a one-stop-shop for your renovation project.

  • Tip #2: Here’s a little secret. You should try to purchase most of your materials from large retailers, as they have the best prices! When I began choosing between acrylic or brass console vanities, I quickly realized how expensive these fixtures were. However, retailers like Home Depot and Signature Hardware carry beautiful pieces that will provide you with the exact aesthetic that you are looking for without making you go over your set budget! While I would have loved to splurge on a drool-worthy Palmer console, this item wouldn’t have fit within my set budget. On the other hand, the brass consoles that I found at Signature Hardware were truly fabulous, giving my bathroom the high-end appeal that I was trying to achieve. Pulling materials and ideas from a multitude of locations will allow you to combine everything together in a truly ideal way.

  • Tip #3: Just because you absolutely adore brass and have a restrictive budget doesn’t mean that you need to settle for the cheap and shiny stuff! First, you need to start studying the styles of faucets that you love. Once you pinpoint a style that you can’t seem to live without, you’ll be able to start shopping for the faucets that will give you the overall look that you need and want! Faucets, just like everything else in the world right now, are incredibly pricey. However, I was able to find some lovely brass faucets for my bathroom at Wayfair for under $300. The key was understanding which style I wanted to acquire and then typing in keywords, such as, cross handle, bridge faucet, or single handle, in order to find exactly what I wanted, at the prices that I could afford.

With such a bold and distinctive countertop, I knew that I wanted to keep the rest of the bathroom understated. And what better place to acquire this look from than IKEA? To acquire some simple looks, I bought a beautiful, yet a modest mirror (the LINDBYN mirror in black to be exact) and just changed the orientation, in order to fit the style of the bathroom.

I was also able to find vanity lights, which are usually an expensive feature, for the low price of $35 at Home Depot. These lights featured a muted brass tone with a tiny bit of black of detail and simple clear glass globes to bring the entire light together. And finally, the exposed P-Trap. There are many sources out there for brass P-Traps, however, I decided to go with one from Signature Hardware for under $140. You will definitely need to talk to a plumber about these tiny details before you get your countertop and console installed, in order to make sure that the plumbing you are incorporating is compatible with the overall systems within your space. Head on over to Yelp to find yourself a professional plumber!

You may notice that the walls within my bathroom have no tiles. This choice was mostly made due to my budget. A smooth wall with a fresh coat of paint in the lowest sheen possible was the best way to attain the look that I was going for!

  • Tip #4: Art is the best option to liven up a bare wall within a bathroom, especially if you don’t have the budget to splurge on wall tiles! Decide on a specific theme for your bathroom and choose art pieces that match up with that vision. This will allow for the aesthetics within the room to seamlessly flow, creating cohesiveness throughout!


  1. Identify your must-haves!

  2. Select the vanity that you want

  3. Look for local marble fabricators

  4. Hire a plumber to install the plumbing within your renovated space

  5. Find a handyman to install the console

  6. Schedule appointments for marble top templates and schedule an installation time. These will be two different appointments!

I hope these budget-wise tips will help you during your next home renovation project!

Delight in the Details


-Mano at the Beach


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