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Mano at the Beach is an interior design and lifestyle blog founded by Marina Yamin.


I was a teenager when I first realized the true impact of interiors. I wanted my surroundings to feel like an authentic reflection of me, so I saved my money then browsed local furniture stores in wide-eyed wonder. I cut up countless design magazines, pasting together mood boards before I even knew the term. I spent my weekends rearranging our family home and dragging home pieces from thrift stores that I could see the potential in, even if my mother could not. Eventually, my parents realized it was more than a phase and gave me the freedom to experiment on corners of our home. From that point on, I never really stopped. As an adult, I was lucky enough to take a few interior design courses, but what was most impactful was travel. The cultures, architecture, and diversity added a new element of inspiration to my personal aesthetic that transcends trends. What I learned, is that for me, design is as much about story as it is about style. Every detail of a home is an opportunity to cultivate a meaningful connection. 


"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."


I have found myself fascinated with the effect that interior design can have on a person's quality of life. Our home environment touches every other aspect of our lives. I wanted to offer a helping hand for design enthusiasts like me who feel limited by the constraints of time, budget, or experience. It is truly an honor to provide inspiration, guidance and help you curate your most sacred of spaces. 

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